This latest collection entitled "Earth Magic" is using a wide range of minerals, stones and crystals that are assembled in very organic ways, emulating the natural formations that occur in the depths of the ocean or the most sacred and untouched places of the planet. Only minimal amounts of gold or precious stones are used in the work, reflecting my own concerns over the extensive mining, deforestation and depletion of our natural resources associated with the widespread use of precious metals and diamonds.

The rest of my jewellery is also deeply inspired by nature, bringing her beauty to an unexpected climax, turning feathers into sharp and metallic looking objects, blending trimmed feathers of many species into creature like rings, crystallising, exacerbating, embedding, transforming or torturing elements from the natural world and thus elevating their glorious beauty to new and astonishing heights.


The following are brooches and pendants made of tainted mirror (but not glass mirror so they are not sharp and not heavy). I have desigened a whole range of styles and colours, mostly they are witty comments on society, known figures or just interesting ideas to wear around. I also make some that are used as pendants or earrings and new photos will keep appearing as I find them again lol