Friday, 15 January 2010

We Are All One

My friend juliet sent me this video from youtube. I watched it twice in a row and cried non stop through both viewings. Then I carried on watching it everyday and i cried all the same every day when watching it. I think I am crying because i am feeling responsible for what is happening on the planet today, because there is a lot more I could be doing to help raise awareness and interest in the people to the challenges we are facing and to the cruel and mindless destruction we are perpetuating today of the most beautiful thing we have in life: nature, wildlife, animals, plants... Man has become so disconnected from his roots and from the true beauty in the world that he is blindly going about, digging his own grave and that of many life forms on Earth in the process. This video is profoundly factual, it is very moving by its extreme simplicity and wisdom, narrated by two native american chiefs, who can really understand our connection to the planet deeply.

I set about on the task of creating an english subtitle version of it in order to make it available to an even wider range of people after being reminded by my french uncle that it is very difficult to understand the accent and what is being said in it, for I believe this message is a message of Love, and i believe humanity will find its path and Man will understand himself when moving closer to his true home again, moving closer to nature and in harmony with it.

Here I present this subtitled version, and I am hoping more people can come forward and help translating this into more languages, so that even more people can have the opportunity to hear this message of Love and improve their lives, therefore improve the planet. I am prepared to spending even more hours in editing more versions with additional languages with your help if you feel you can.

In the meantime please absorb all of the beauty from the music, the images and the commentaries in this video and please pass it on to as many people as you can. Thank you again and many blessings!

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