Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Performance Showreel



Gallion made of feathers, leaf skeletons and drift wood

Thursday, 19 August 2010

My favorite scene so far of the really amazing AMERICAN version of queer as folk series. Here Ted and his friend are trying to enlighten Emmett that he doesnt need to "convert" himself to being straight to be worthy of God, while a group "crcle of light" is getting ready to form and brainwash its members in the background! (tears)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Loudest Whisper Exhibition: Until March 26th!

A few pictures of my work at the "Loudest Whispers" exhibition currently on at St Pancras Hospital until 1st April

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Deadly Bath - Butoh by Thierry

This Butoh performance is dedicated to those living in social isolation and deprived of essential support. I was moved to create this piece after reading of an elderly lady who slid and fell in her bath. Five days later, someone heard small cries. Her rescuers found her lips had cracked open from dehydration and her body itself had started to putrefy. She was only alive for a short time in hospital afterwards. I dedicate this piece to all of those who have become socially isolated, and fail to receive the support and care all of us are entitled to while on Earth.

Video and Editing by Jonathan Marten (jm520627@yahoo.com) for Thierry Alexandre (www.thierryalexandre.com)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sculpture for the "Loudest Whispers" Exhibition

This is "Plastic Soup in our Ocean", one of my most recent sculpture that is on display at St pancras Hospital from Wednesday 10th February 2010 Until March 26th.

"Plastic Soup in our Ocean" is a ceramic sculpture portraying a bald woman's head with a fish tale erupting out of her left ear and air bubbles out of her right. Petrol like tears are rolling down her face and her open mouth lets out a thin sheet of plastic covering part of her face, as though exploding on the skin.

The "Plastic Soup" (google it, you'll be amazed) refers to the huge quantities of plastic that are accumulating in the middle of the world oceans, like they have in the North Pacific Central Gyre, creating a huge vortex of an estimated 100 million tons swirling around and covering an area twice the size of the continental United States. Plastic is a synthetic material that is not biodegradable, and cannot be digested by any living thing. The plastic in the ocean can only photodegrade, which means it is broken into smaller pieces by the sun's rays, but it never goes away. This means that the plastic eventually becomes a plastic dust which mixes with the ocean and now outnumbers zooplankton, the natural food, 6 to 1 in the North Pacific Gyre. Plastic absorbs toxins very easily and is then mistaken for food by marine animals and can kill them and become a danger for human life as a lot of our diet comes from the sea. To stop the "soup" from getting any larger, people have to change the way they think about plastic and remember that hope for the future of the oceans lies in the way they conduct their everyday lives.


These are part of a series of work entitled "common destiny'
I chose models from extremely varied backgrounds, from friends living with full blown multiple schlerosis, to friends living with severe addictions and mental distress, to actors, writers, and spiritual leaders. All the portraits are drawn or painted onto very thin cross sections of tree trunks, ranging from Cherry Tree, Western Hemlocks to Alder and Poplars. The common destiny is the one humanity shares with that of the tree, and how we are totally dependent on their existence and prosperity if we are to survive as a specie.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal

Here, Grace takes the voice of that giant vampire squid swallowing the face of Earth:
The corporate World

Still Life by Grace Jones

This may be Grace Jones at her very very best in Live Singing! The song is taken from renato zero's "spalle al muro" and is rendered in a poignant and emotional fashion by the sensational Grace. It is very rare that she should appear in a feminine guise, but of course she was not going through a sudden phase of feminin edelicacy and gentleness, this was yet another act. Have a close look at how she is taken off stage right at the end of the video, in a true "still Life" way! I know that she also performed the song a second time that night dressed as a man and sporting a fake moustache, but I cant find that video now... still... enjoy this for now!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

What If?

Last December I went to the Royal Academy to make sure I was not missing out on the most talked about exhibition of the year: the "unmissable" Anish Kapoor show. I happened to make it there on the evening of the last day of this show and although I expected it to be busy, I certainly did not expect a seemingly never ending queue of office workers and families zigzagging across the whole Royal Academy Courtyard. I rang my friend Juliet who was still on her way to tell her not to bother, as there was no way I was joining this blind insanity, but she arrived soon after and whizzed us in thanks to her lifesaving RA member's card. Apparently this Kapoor show was the most visited show the Royal Academy had EVER had. Well we went in and I was impressed by the feel of this kind of fleshy gigantic orifice like wall thing we first saw and then went on walking about having light fun with the famous deforming mirrors, the static piles of concrete turds, the gigantic mount of wax slowly moving from room to room and making a right mess of the place, saw the canon shooting (aimlessly) at the wall and walked out again. As we concluded with my friend Frank today, this was nothing more than a funfair version of Ikea abracadabrarubbish, it said nothing, it was not challenging, it was hardly clever (since when have those deforming mirrors become cutting edge art pieces?) and it had no meaningful impact on people visiting it either it seems. I heard so many wonderful things about this show I thought it needed to be said that it was all an illusion. So we went on to the "Wild Thing" exhibition upstairs, nothing wild about that either, just an odd collection of items clumsily shown together I thought. So our hunger for art led us to the BACK of the Royal Acedemy on burlington st where the Earth exhibition was showing:


Well as it is often the case, the really exciting stuff was hiding at the back of the circus, and this was a show to be remembered by the challenging and compelling collection of artists and their exploration into the issues the human specie is currently facing with the dramatic effects of climate change to come. It was admittedly unsettling and discomforting at times, but it was very well curated and involved emotions ,not intellectual ego. This video is the one that brought me to my knees in tears. I hope you like it.

Friday, 15 January 2010

We Are All One

My friend juliet sent me this video from youtube. I watched it twice in a row and cried non stop through both viewings. Then I carried on watching it everyday and i cried all the same every day when watching it. I think I am crying because i am feeling responsible for what is happening on the planet today, because there is a lot more I could be doing to help raise awareness and interest in the people to the challenges we are facing and to the cruel and mindless destruction we are perpetuating today of the most beautiful thing we have in life: nature, wildlife, animals, plants... Man has become so disconnected from his roots and from the true beauty in the world that he is blindly going about, digging his own grave and that of many life forms on Earth in the process. This video is profoundly factual, it is very moving by its extreme simplicity and wisdom, narrated by two native american chiefs, who can really understand our connection to the planet deeply.

I set about on the task of creating an english subtitle version of it in order to make it available to an even wider range of people after being reminded by my french uncle that it is very difficult to understand the accent and what is being said in it, for I believe this message is a message of Love, and i believe humanity will find its path and Man will understand himself when moving closer to his true home again, moving closer to nature and in harmony with it.

Here I present this subtitled version, and I am hoping more people can come forward and help translating this into more languages, so that even more people can have the opportunity to hear this message of Love and improve their lives, therefore improve the planet. I am prepared to spending even more hours in editing more versions with additional languages with your help if you feel you can.

In the meantime please absorb all of the beauty from the music, the images and the commentaries in this video and please pass it on to as many people as you can. Thank you again and many blessings!

Monday, 4 January 2010

BBC Documentary featuring Thierry Alexandre

This is part of the "can't stop...partying" BBC documentary series featuring Thierry. The programme followed various party personalities around the night scene and delved into the motivations of partying of a wide array of characters and styles including rockabilies, ravers, bad boys, cross dressers, VIP gatecrashers and the likes...

Saturday, 2 January 2010


This is my entry into the blogging universe...
I would like to wish all my readers a very happy new year, with many awakening and enlightening days and months to come.
I just got back in touch with my uncle and cousins over the last couple of days and spent over 10 hours on the telephone catching up and discovering what happened to them in the last 15 years or so we'd lost touch. It feels great to be close to them again!
I am planning to use this blog to share videos, additional pictures to those found on my website (www.thierryalexandre.com) and share other artwork, thoughts, poems and messages with the world.
My friend Juliet sent me this video this morning, which brought me to tears, i hope you may have time to look at it, feel it in your heart and pass on the message. When listening to the very factual and profoundly wise comment on it with the stunning wild life images in front of me, I suddenly realise that we all long for a Heaven, somewhere idyllic and immensely beautiful, somewhere with abundance of the best things in life, the most magical creatures and fantastical sceneries... and we have that place already, right here, in front of us, beneath our feet, and we're destroying it gleefully and blindly.